Purchasing locally grown, sustainable flowers not only elevates your designs, they also afford you the opportunity to support your local economy. New England boasts an exceptional flower farming community dedicated to growing quality, unique and inspirational product. Please know that in addition to preorders, you can shop for local product in our beautiful market. One of our main priorities is to provide you with an environment in which to physically touch and see local offerings.
If you are a flower grower who would like to sell at The Floral Reserve, please fill out the VENDOR registration form and email us with your avaliability list.

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We have worked with Dutch flowers for over 12 years and can attest to their diversity, and quality. If you are interested in ordering Dutch product for your studio, please inquire with the Reserve and we will guide you as to how to DIRECTLY order your own product to be picked up at the Floral Reserve. We work with two outstanding importers in order to provide you this as many choices as possible. Dutch flowers are photographed in real time so you can see exactly what you are purchasing.

If you would like to purchase local and imported product from The Floral Reserve please register: