Many years ago, our colleagues at Harvest Wholesale, hosted the most informative and beautiful rose show in their New York City storefront. It was a two day affair that brought florists from all over the region, myself included. Vases upon vases of the most exquisite rose varieties… both familiar and unfamiliar to me….along with new varieties that hadn’t even been named. I used my time at that show as an in depth learning opportunity. What roses did I want to design and lead with in my next event season? Which roses would be good for specific designs I had sold, and palettes I had proposed? What new varieties were emerging on the scene that I wanted my wholesaler to procure for me? How could I use new product to set my work apart? As a designer, this show was truly a transformative experience for me.

It is with great excitement that I announce our friends at Harvest Wholesale will be bringing this very same experience to The Floral Reserve this January 2020. Prepare for mind blowing beauty in the form of roses, Japanese sweet pea, specialty dyed flowers as well as preserved roses. You will want to linger and learn as we explore the plethora of floral choices available to our talented industry. This is a FREE EVENT and an experience not to be missed. Join us as we continue to push the envelope, and introduce you to new product that will elevate your work. Bring a colleague, or your whole team, we have no limit on attendees! This is your chance to meet the fine people behind Harvest Wholesale, you’ll quickly see why we believe in their quality, dependability and forward thinking.

When : January 25 and 26th, 10am – 4pm
Where : The Floral Reserve : 1 Sims Ave Unit 102 Providence, RI 02909
Plentiful food and beverage will be provided!